3 Important Tips Jewish Singles Should Remember About Jewish Dating

jewish dateEach person has their own ideas of what it means to be Jewish. And, if you’re a single Jew, it’s important you know who you are and how “into” the Jewish faith you are. Do you observe the principles of the Jewish faith? Do you see Jewish holidays as important for religious reasons or is it a cultural thing for you?

Many relationships face tension when the faiths of both parties are not similar, or the levels of importance are different. Single Jews looking to date must talk about their faith with prospective partners to ensure there are no misunderstandings.  

What are some things single Jews need to remember when they’re looking for a Jewish partner?

3 Tips Single Jews Need To Keep In Mind For Successful Jewish Dating


Before you go on a first date, you need to be truthful with yourself. What kind of person are you looking for? Do you want someone who shares values that are similar to your own? Would you rather have a difference in opinions about the faith? When you know what you want, you can effectively communicate them to potential mates.

Talk to people who have a like-minded thought-process and values. Talk about where you’d like to see the relationship to head. Do you want someone for the long haul? Are you still trying to get past a breakup?

Make sure you talk to them about your concerns, dreams and values. The idea is to ensure the relationship has good footing without any false pretenses. Avoid the vague conversations and be direct. Communication is key to a successful relationship.


While the present is important, you need to look at the future. Do you want someone who wants the same things as you – for your career, family and faith? Yes, the discussion of life and work is important, and you need to know what each other’s visions are. If marriage is what you’re after, you should talk about the vision to see if it’s similar to one another. Relationships have common goals – use your dates to really learn about each other.


It’s extremely important to have a person with a similar character as your own – with similar values and characteristics.  Are the type of person who is responsible and kind? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who exhibits the same behaviors than someone who is completely your opposite?

Jewish dating can be tricky, but by focusing on what you, the Jewish single, wants, you can find a mate that is your equal. Be sure to take the time to learn who they are and don’t jump into a relationship just because you feel alone. In order for a relationship to work, you must be honest with yourself and with the other person.