Met Ball 2013: Kristen Stewart’s red smokey eye

Kristen Stewart goes one of two ways for an event: there’s the no-effort, bedraggled look (like at last year’s Met Ball) and then there’s the edgy, high-fashion Kristen she brings out for special occasions (like when she did these eyes) – apparently this year’s Met Ball was one such occasion.

You do have to give her credit where it’s due; the Twilight actress is never afraid of taking a risk, which she showed last night by wearing red eyeshadow, the trickiest beauty trend ever.

Kristen wore a blackened shade of red (to match her burgundy Stella McCartney jumpsuit) in a smokey eye that flared out towards the outer point of her eyebrow, fading into her skin as it drew near the brow bone. The dark metallic shade is much easier to digest on the eyes since it’s a lot softer than a pillarbox red (classic punk color, thank god she didn’t try that).

The color was dragged onto the lower lashline so it framed the entire eye, and then a fine black eyeliner went over the upper lashline and in the waterline of the eye, just to add some definition. Keeping the rest of her face neutral and understated with some gloss on her lips and some subtly darkened cheekbones, she made sure that her eyes carried all the weight of the look.

Her hair I am not a fan of, however – clearly she wanted to keep it low key in light of her strong eye but I wish she’d kept it down and just swept it back or something – that tightly pulled back, slicked down style is just too harsh for that makeup. In my opinion.

What do you guys think? Will you be rocking a red eye this year?