Jewish dating VS traditional dating, why jewish dating sites?

good first impressionAccording to Jewish law, a man and woman meet to become familiar with each other – to find out if they are ideal matches. It’s similar to regular dating, but the Talmud states a man cannot marry a lady until she is favorable in his eyes and a woman cannot be married until she’s smart enough to make decisions that favor the husband.

The couple must be before getting married and must feel comfortable together. They must also fully consent to their union.

Unlike today’s definition of dating, Jewish dating has a laid out role. The Jewish takes the dating role seriously; they don’t do it for the sake of dating. The art of dating is for only mature men and women who have gotten to their marriage age and want a life partner. Jewish people feel dating is the key to establishing a stable marriage between two people who are compatible with one another.

.You’ll Find What You Want…

The key to Jewish dating is to find a person that shares the values you have and has the qualities you are looking for so that you can live happily together. Remember, dating is an art, and it should lead to extensive private conversations where you and the prospective partner are open about your goals and visions – for your personal and professional life. 

Going on a date at the movies can distract a couple from actually learning about one another. In fact, this can cause them to have emotions for each other way before they should have these feelings. It can stop them from making a sound decision about the other person. Is that person really compatible with you and your values? 

Once the mind has been made up, the heart has to agree as well.

Dating that is both serious and has a goal can ensure strong marriage, which can survive the stressors put upon it that will eventually take place. This is how the Jewish pursue dating; to find a life-long mate they feel comfortable and at peace with – a person that they can accept them for who they are.

With social restrictions on dating loosened, people casually date, have shallow conversations, do intense courting and then marry. However, this dating approach often leads to divorce. The Jewish don’t take this approach to dating. Instead, they’re focused on compatibility and subscribe to the adage that “Love will conquer all.”

What does this mean? It means Jewish dating, to be successful, is all about the heart following the mind – not the other way around.