ck one launch summer scented nail polish

Fragrance fans are going to love this new release from ck one – in a move that made me think ‘hang on, why didn’t I predict they’d do this?’, they’ve released a couple of ck one scented nail polishes!

Riptide and Current smell of ck one summer, which features notes of cucumber, watermelon, and water lily and that “waterfall accord” this gives it that refreshing aquatic vibe, and dries down into musk and moss. The new limited edition 2013 version of ck one summer comes in a turquoise glass bottle dotted with bubbles to look like condensation (very nice touch) with fluoro green labeling, which is where the two nail polishes are derived from. It’s all very clever.

Riptide is the metallic sea blue, a really pretty summer color that I imagine would look beautiful on toes as you’re looking down at them through the ocean somewhere.

They’ve toned down the flour in the green for the second polish, Current – instead, it’s the grassy green color of a meadow in the sunshine (I really wish I was on holiday, can you tell?).

Beware though – the first time I tried a scented nail polish I brilliantly sniffed the wet formula. Do not do this. It does not smell nice and the ensuing headache is not pleasant. The scent doesn’t develop until the polish is dry, so wait till then. As usual with ck one polishes, an application is very good, and their brush, as I have said before, is amazing – the perfect wide square shape. Foolproof.