Check out the Sleek Candy collection

If you’re after some bright new popping colors to add to your beauty arsenal, Sleek have pretty much knocked it out of the park with their new Candy collection.

The limited edition, sweet-inspired line features three products: a lip stain, a blusher palette and an eyeshadow palette.

First up the lip stain – Lollipop is a candy-colored baby pink: the pigment comes suspended in a syrupy oil which gives it a really smooth moisturizing feeling that is unusual with stains. Instead of that dry finish, you get with most stains, it has a more balm-like feeling, which is so comfortable.

Despite the higher moisturizing benefits, it still has the velvety finish that you want from a stain. You only need the tiniest drop to cover your lips too so at just £4.99 you can’t really go wrong.

Next up is their Blush-by-3 in Sweet Cheeks (£9.99). A palette containing three shades of candy pink blusher: one shimmer powder, one matte powder and one cream.

These work best together – use the cream as a base under the powder to help it last longer, or use the paler matte shade first and then add the brighter shimmery shade over it on the apples of the cheeks to add dimension. The cream one also works pretty well as a lip color, which is especially useful if you like to coordinate your lips and cheeks. As always with most of Sleek’s cosmetics, they are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way (the swatches above are not blended by the way, so they aren’t quite that strong swept on!).

Lastly comes another of Sleek’s excellent i-Divine palettes in i-Candy. They really do color so well and these palettes rival a lot of similar ones triple their price (which at £7.99 is pretty much unbeatable). You get 12 colors, and a good mix of finishes and tones, from hot pink and fluoro yellow to dark brown and indigo.

The Candy collection won’t be out till June 5th, but you can shop the rest of Sleek at superdrug here.