Butter London Summer Holiday nail lacquer

This week we’ve been playing with butter London’s new line for summer, their Summer Holiday Lacquer collection.

The five-piece collection is designed to look good against the fresh-from-holiday sunkissed skin, which mine is most definitely not, but I gave it a go anyway, and I can confirm they look good on vitamin D lacking pale skin too.

Making up the collection is the creamy turquoise Poole, the glitzy glittery rose gold Bit Faker, the shimmery oyster colored Champers, Sunbaker, a vivid, exotic shimmery orange and the amazingly named Marbs, a super shimmery gold.

I had an attempt at some nail art using Poole and Marbs which I think go beautifully together:

The metallics apply really well – so evenly and smooth from the first stroke, but Poole is a little more difficult just because the creme formula is so fast drying you have to work pretty quickly to get it perfectly smooth. You also definitely need coats for full opacity, but it’s such a beautiful shade. We also swatched Sunbaked, just because it’s an amazing color:

It’s a beautiful color – so vibrant and rich but it’s definitely one for when you have a tan – I think it needs a darker skin to be shown off to full advantage.

The collection will be out in August in the midst of holiday season – which one will you be packing?

And don’t forget – if you’re trying out some nail art this weekend, make sure to tweet it at us to win a beauty goodie bag!